In Loving Memory

04 April 2011

Marco Kraaijeveld October 12th 1975 - April 4th 2011


On Monday april 4th 2011 Marco Kraaijeveld has passed away in presence of his close relatives.

Marco was 35 years old and fought for almost one and a half years with every might against Cancer, a battle he couldn't win. Marco developed his brainchild trackr! entirely by himself, it was his great passion and love.

Even whilst fighting cancer, he created the trackr! iPhone App, unfortunately as his last piece of work.

With Marco's passing he leaves his wife Frederieke behind.

Twitter Connection

21 September 2010

Automatically adding a Twitter update as soon as a live session is started, is fully operational again.

PLEASE NOTE: unfortunately you do have to re-enable the connection yourself, as Twitter has changed its authentication requirements starting in September. You can change your settings here:

New website

18 September 2010

Today, the new website has gone online. Besides a new design, extra features have been added to the map view. The speed graph is displayed better now (soon including altitude information) and the map view can be switched to full-screen.

iPhone trackr app

16 August 2010

The new iPhone trackr app has been submitted to the Apple appstore today. As soon as it has been approved, you will be able to download the app!

For now, below are some screenshots:

Blackberry support

15 August 2008

Browse to using your Blackberry. Your device will be recognized automatically and you will be able to automatically install trackr! right away.

We would very much like to hear your feedback on the trackr! Blackberry version. Leave a message on the forum or contact us directly.

Automatically publish saved tracks

24 July 2008

Up until now, saved tracks sent from your mobile phone could not be automatically shared. They had to be shared and made available on your profile by hand using the website for each individual track.

Now you can configure your privacy settings so saved tracks will be automatically shared and published on your profile.

Hyves gadget

15 July 2008

You were already able to automatically update your Who-What-Where page on Hyves and add a trackr! gadget. Adding the trackr! gadget is now much easier and faster without the need to copy/paste HTML code. It only takes a few mouse-clicks!

Go to the trackr! Hyves gadget page and show your friends where you are.

New version (Nokia phones)

11 July 2008

New in the latest version for Nokia mobile phones (Java version):
  • improved GPS handling
  • option to switch off recurring confirmation popups after starting trackr!
  • improved installation (signed software)
  • 'exit' button
Download trackr! java version 0.3

trackr! gadget on Hyves

17 June 2008

You were already able to automatically update your Hyves WhoWhatWhere. Now you can also add a trackr! gadget to your Hyves profile!. This will show your last known location on a map.

Add a gadget at the Hyves site and use the code from the 'trackr! on your site' section.

New: photos

01 April 2008

Photos taken during a trackr! session can now be displayed next to the track on the map. They will automatically be placed exactly on the spot where you shot the picture.

It doesn't matter whether the photos have been taken using a mobile phone or using a normal photo camera.

More information can be found at the photo settings.

New: Geofencing

05 March 2008

Geofencing allows you to receive an alert when a user enters and/or leaves a predefined area. You can define this area yourself.

This can be used to (for example) receive an alert when someone comes within a range of 5 miles of your home.

Go to alerts and choose 'on entering or leaving an area' as the alert type. In the next step you can define the geofence area on the map.

Support for miles and mph

13 February 2008

Quick news update for all our US and Great Britain users: we have updated the website to include support for displaying distance and speed in miles and miles per hour. Thank you for your patience!


08 January 2008

trackr! can now send you a warning message when someone starts or stops a live session. Soon you will also be able to set an alert when someone enters or leaves a predefined area (geo-fencing).

The warning will be sent by e-mail and in the future also by SMS text message. See the Alerts section.

New downloads

28 December 2007

Windows Mobile version 0.9.12
Besides kilometers / kmh this version now also supports miles and mph.

This version also fixes problems showing the map. From now on the OpenStreetMap map data will be used.

trackr! on your site

07 December 2007

If you put the trackr! map with your current live position on your own website, visitors can now be linked directly to your live profile on trackr! when clicking the map. Besides viewing your current position they can also see your complete track on your live profile.

Finally now you can also make sure the information label will always be shown next to your last known location.

Go to the trackr! on your site section to get the new code.

New downloads available

04 December 2007

There have been several updates of the trackr! mobile phone software in the last few months:

Java MIDP phones
trackr! is now also available on mobile phones supporting Java MIDP. Several devices like the Nokia N95, Nokia N73 and Nokia E50 have been successfully tested.

Windows Mobile version 0.9.10
Submitting saved tracks from the mobile phone has become much more user-friendly: now there's an overview of unsent saved tracks, display of progress and display of success or failure for each track.

Windows Mobile version 0.9.9
Extra option to specify username, password and domain information as well when using a proxyserver.

Windows Mobile version 0.9.8
Support for the HTC TyTN II device.

Windows Mobile version 0.9.7
Bugfix finding saved tracks when using an older version of Windows Mobile and better support for placing the cache on external memory cards.

Share your saved tracks

11 September 2007

Now it's possible to share your saved tracks with whomever you want. Each track has its own unique URL (see menu ' Saved tracks'). Just forward the URL.

Also new: you get your own profile page with corresponding URL ( name). Choose which tracks you want to share on your profile. You can make those tracks visible to nobody, to your friendslist or to everyone.

If there is a track you want to share with a specific person, but you don't want anyone else to see this track: then just forward the track URL to this person, but don't add the track to your profile.

In the menu 'saved tracks' you can:
1. indicate whether you want to share the track URL with your friendslist (then login is required for the person viewing the track) or with anyone else (no login required).
2. indicate whether you want to add the track to your profile. Your profile lists all tracks that you want to share.

Improved module saved tracks

13 August 2007

Check out the new module for managing your saved tracks. View, rename or export your tracks. Or delete them if you never want to look at that particular track again. Country and city details are automatically assigned to a track. You can also sort your tracks by date, destination, starting point, description or distance.

We think it's quite an inprovement, but we like to hear your opinion as well. We'll keep working on trackr! of course, so please keep sending us all your suggestions!

Multi-language support

05 July 2007

As of today, the website and the trackr! applications include multi-language support.

Display of speed on map

05 June 2007

As promised after all the work we did behind the scenes the first new map feature is available: display of speed of the track. Now you can see the speed you traveled on any part of the track. This has been made visible by means of color coding the line displaying the track.

The change will immediately be available for all tracks, both the live tracks and the saved tracks.

More news soon!

Website improvements

25 May 2007

Behind the scenes we have been busy improving the trackr! website. Not every change is immediately visible, but it has resulted in a more stable and faster display of track and position information on the maps.

More important: these changes have laid the foundation for several new features in the future!