Terms of use and privacy policy

Last change: October 27, 2006
  1. These conditions apply to all software and services of trackr!, called ‘service’ in these conditions.
  2. trackr! is a service of Enodo B.V., The Netherlands
  3. Enodo B.V. offers no guarantee or warrenty. Enodo B.V. offers the service ‘as is’, ‘with all faults’ and ‘as available’. We do not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available from the service. Enodo B.V. excludes any implied warranties including those of merchantability, availability, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike effort and non-infringement.
  4. Enodo B.V. accepts no liability for any loss, damage, costs, expenses, claims or inconvenience caused as a result of using the service.
  5. Enodo B.V. remains the right to make changes to the service on its own discretion. This includes removing parts of the service.
  6. Enodo B.V. can terminate, restrict or suspend the service without notice at our discretion, and will not be liable for any such change.
  7. Use of the service is only allowed for personal, non-commercial purposes.
  8. The costs of data traffic for all parts of the service (including data traffic by the mobile device) depend on the agreement between the user and the provider of the data services. These costs will be charged to the user by the provider and are for account of the user.
  9. When using the service all applicable laws have to be followed.
  10. It is not allowed to use the service to track a person or goods without approval of the person or owner of the goods.
  11. Enodo B.V. is not obliged to store data of users for an indefinite period. Depending on the need for data storage old data can be removed permanently.
  12. Data of users will not be shared with other parties, unless the user has given permission for that.
  13. Data can be viewed or made public in order for Enodo B.V. to comply with the law or legal process served on Enodo B.V.
  14. To be able to offer the service, Enodo B.V. can monitor and collect certain data about the quality and use of the service.
  15. User data could be used for research in the future, but if that happens all personally identifiable information will be removed in advance.
  16. Enodo B.V. can automatically check the software version of (a part of) the service.
  17. You will not disassemble, decompile, or reverse engineer any software included in the service, except and only to the extent that the law expressly permits this activity.
  18. The maps and satellite photos used are supplied by Google and their partners. The rights for the map tiles and satellite photos shown by the application are with Google and their partners.
  19. These Terms of Use can be changed any time. Check this page regularly for changes.