About trackr!

trackr! uses GPS and Google Maps. It consists of two parts: the website trackr! and the software on your mobile phone. Also have a look at some screenshots.

What do I need?
To use trackr! you need a mobile phone with a data plan (for example GPRS or UMTS). You also need a GPS receiver (as a seperate device or builtin).

trackr! currently works on the following mobile phone types:
  • Windows Mobile 5 and 6 (PocketPC and Smartphone).
  • Java phones with support for MIDP2.0 (Nokia E50, N73, N95, Sony Ericsson C702, etc.).
  • Blackberry
Getting started
First download the application for your mobile phone (see the step-by-step description). After installing and starting the application on your mobile phone your friends (approved by you earlier) will be able to see where you are on the website. Of course only as long as you want them to see you. Your location is determined using GPS.

Your friends will be able to see where you are if they are logged in to the website. You can also give someone a quick access code. If they enter the quick access code on the trackr! homepage, they can immediately see your position without creating an account or logging in.

Obviously you can also see where your friends are if they use trackr! as well.

Of course you are always in control and you can switch off the application whenever you want to prevent others from tracking you.

Are there any costs involved?
trackr! is FREE for personal use. The mobile data connection provider might bill you for data traffic.

Problems? Read this for a step-by-step walkthrough about what to do.

Step-by-step description

  1. Registration
  2. Download
  3. Installation
  4. Using the application on the mobile phone

1. Registration

To use trackr!, you need to register an account. During registration, the following information has to be entered:

  • Username
  • Password
  • E-mail address E-mail adres
The username is also visible on the map indication your position. Your friends will be able to add you to their friendslist using this username as well.

Registration is free and only allowed for non-commercial purposes.

Now go to the registration page.

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2. Download

Windows Mobile PocketPC Windows Mobile Smartphone
At this time trackr! is only available on phones with the Windows Mobile 5 / Windows Mobile 6 system. Both PocketPCs (with touchscreen) and Smartphones (without touchscreen) are supported.

trackr! uses the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0. This software might not be pre-installed by the manufacturer of the device, but is used by lots of other mobile applications. Should the .NET Compact Framework not have been installed on your mobile device yet, you can download it at the Microsoft website. You will find a link to that on the download page.

If you have the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed on your mobile phone, you can download trackr!. A PocketPC has a touchscreen, a Smartphone doesn't have touchscreen. That's why two different versions are available. Choose the matching version for your mobile phone and download it to your PC.

Trackr! is also available on mobile phones with support for Java MIDP 2.0 applications (e.g. Nokia E50, N73 and N95) and Blackberry as well.

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3. Installation

In step 2 you downloaded the trackr! installation file. To make the installation on your mobile phone as easy as possible, just use the setup procedure.

Start (on your PC!) the installation application. Follow the steps in the wizard and the trackr! application will automatically be installed on your mobile phone as soon as you connect the phone to your PC using ActiveSync.

After a successful installation, an icon named 'trackr!' will be added to the Programs menu on your mobile phone. Use this to start the trackr! application.

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4. Using the application on the mobile phone

a. Settings

trackr! settings
The first time the application is started, the settings screen will automatically be shown.

Before sending position data to the server, you first have to enter the username and password of your trackr! account. This account information is the same as used when registering the trackr! account. You also use this login information when logging in on the website.

Besides that you can configure if you want to send your current location information to the server with a regular interval after staring a session. Only after enabling live tracking other will be able to show where you currently are. If you enable this option, you can also configure the interval used to send updates (for example every 60 seconds). The shorter the interval, the better others can follow you, but also more data will be transfered. Depending on the data plan for your GSM, the costs may increase as well.

Using the mainmenu you can always return to the settings menu again.

b. GPS receiver

trackr! needs a GPS receiver device to determine your current position. trackr! will try to automatically detect a connected GPS device. It doesn't matter if the GPS devices is connected by cable, by Bluetooth or builtin.

Make sure to swith on the GPS receiver (and if applicable the Bluetooth system on your mobile phone) before starting a session.

c. Start / stop a session

trackr! Start GPS en GPS signaal
trackr! collects data on the track you follow in sessions. You can start and stop a session on your mobile phone using the 'Start GPS' and 'Stop GPS' menu-items.

After starting a session trackr! will automatically search for an available GPS device. Information about this will show up in the main screen at the GPS signal status field. As soon as a GPS receiver has been found, the quality of the GPS signal will be checked. As soon as this is ok, the session will start. On the main screen the counter for the time elapsed since start will start running.

If you choose to enable live tracking (in the settings screen), your track and position information will show up on the website.

Everytime you start a new live session, the data of your previous session will be removed from the website.

d. Send data

After staring a session, information about the track you took will be recorded on your mobile phone. Depending on the settings you entered the positions may be sent to the server immediately. However, you can also send them to the website afterwards to look at the track on the website again. Data of a 'live' track will always overwrite the previous 'live' track.

But if you use the 'send data' menu item on your mobile phone, the track will show up in the 'saved tracks' section on the website. These tracks will not be overwritten.

e. Quick Access Code

Using a quick access code you can see where someone is without logging in on the website.

After starting trackr! on your mobile phone (live tracking has to be enabled in the settings menu) a quick access code will appear on the main screen. If you give this code to someone, that persion can enter the code on the homepage and see your current position and track.

This is very useful when for example you are about to visit someone. Just give him/her the quick access code and he/she can immediately see where you are.

The quick access code is temporary and is only valid for the current session. The code remains valid up until 12 hours after stopping the session, or until you start a new session because that will generate a new quick access code.

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