trackr! GPS tracking

Use trackr! to let people know where you are and where you have been. All you need is the Internet, a GPS receiver and your mobile phone (or a mobile phone with an internal GPS receiver). Download the application to your mobile phone, create a friendslist and let your friends know where you are!

Don’t have a GPS receiver or a suitable mobile phone? Then use the trackr! website to find out where your friends are! With trackr! you can…
  • share your current location and track history with your friends
  • see on your mobile phone or on the trackr! website where your friends are
  • view what tracks you or your friends have traveled: distance, average speed, etc.
  • receive a warning when someone enters and/or leaves a certain area (geo-fencing)
  • Put photos on the map next to your track exactly where you shot them.
  • Automatically send updates to your Twitter and Hyves accounts as soon as you are online.
  • include a map with your current position on your own website/blog
  • use the Quick Access Code to immediately show others where you are at that moment

Register a free account and download the software for your mobile phone! Have a look at the demo account for an example of live tracking.

Quick Access Code

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